The 30-Day Challenge will not only increase your nitric oxide production, but it will PROVE that Cardio Miracle not only works…but it works for YOU!

Of course, due to individual differences, people will have differing experiences with the 30-Day program. As with any health program you should always consult your healthcare professional prior to starting the program.

Introducing Cardio Miracle
Advanced Nitric Oxide Boosting Formula
The most exciting medical breakthrough of the past 25 years was the discovery of nitric oxide, a naturally producing gas that relaxes your arteries and capillaries to stimulate better blood flow.

What does more blood flow actually mean? It means, more oxygen being delivered throughout your body, more minerals and vitamins being delivered to every organ, reduction of plaque build-up and more blood flowing freely which leads to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better heart health and an increased feeling of well-being throughout your body.

When you start the 30-Day
Challenge, you will start to feel:
  • More energy and vitality 
  • Less joint or muscle pain
  • Better sleep and restful feelings
  • Increased libido and sex drive
  • Improved mood
  • More focus and clarity
  • Better overall heart health
About Cardio Miracle Founder – John Hewlett
Almost 15 years ago John Hewlett was being rushed into emergency surgery and in a fight for his own life after a routine surgery went bad. A high-powered financially successful career in the financial world had become the foundation for an early and untimely death.

Fortunately, after John had his own discovery of nitric oxide, he quickly learned the amazing power behind this little-known gas and how it was able to transform people’s health. Not only did nitric oxide save his own life, he quickly discovered the profound improvements that nitric oxide could have on other people’s life and he set out to create the most advanced and complete health product available. Since then, Cardio Miracle has become the industries finest nutritional health drink and a powerful nitric oxide boosting formula.
Breakthrough Experiences
Athletic Performance and Recovery.

In February 2017, Lindsey Johnson, my daughter-in-law, suggested a product called Cardio Miracle. Since I am a cyclist, it was something she thought might help me. I started taking it the first week of March.. and didn't notice anything different until the first part of April. All of a sudden, I could ride at a faster pace without as much exertion. I've had comments from the group riders I ride with - "wow, you've really gotten stronger this year".

At the end of May, I did a race that I usually participate in every year - the distance is 62 miles. Previously, my personal best time was 4 hours, 30 minutes. But this time, I broke my record by riding in 3 hours, 46 minutes...and won my age group (60-64) by over 20 minutes. including the fact that I took a wrong turn which cost me about 10 minutes. Also, my blood pressure was about 146 / 80 and my resting heart rate was 58 when I started. After 3 months of taking Cardio Miracle, my BP is 132/77 and my resting heart rate is 46. I'm so stoked about Cardio Miracle!

- Tom Johnson

Periodontal Issues

Cardio Miracle has been so great. All my levels are up. Vitamin D even taking supplements and being out in the sun as much as I can didn't help. My vitamin D is perfect now, My cholesterol was down to 182. It hasn't been under 200 for years. It's dropped about 42 points. I just had my dental check up this week. I've had very reseeded gums for years. My bottom front teeth you could see the bottom of my teeth. Going to the dentist for a cleaning was pure torture because I had so many roots exposed. All of my gum have come up! I only have a couple spots that are barely reseeded. My check up was painless! Awesome results. Besides that fact of just feeling good also.

- Leslie Christensen

Blood Pressure
On September 10th, 2015 my treated blood pressure was 140/90. My Staten drug treated tri-glycerides were well over 200. And my Staten drug treated cholesterol was well over outside what is considered normal. Now fast forward with me 90 days after starting Cardio Miracle. I’ve lost 23 pounds, because I have more energy to exercise. I no longer take blood pressure medication and my blood pressure reading this morning was 120/79. My tri-glycerides are at 115, the lowest they have been in my adult lifetime. And my cholesterol levels are well in with what would be considered normal. Oh, and did I mention I now longer take Staten drugs? I save a lot of money and, of course, spare myself the side effects of those drugs.

- Greg Anderson (CEO Of The Crown Council)


My husband learned about nitric oxide in a miraculous encounter with two strangers waiting to board a cruise last winter. He has been taking the supplement since last April and even with advanced COPD, his breathing has dramatically improved, his energy level is now beyond our expectations, and his PSA has dropped from over 10 to 2. Our doctors are shocked. We are grateful for Cardio Miracle in our lives.

- Gordon and Teri Dillon Norfolk, Virginia

What Other People Are Saying About The Program

I had major blood pressure problems and started taking a Nitric Oxide booster. Today I have the blood pressure of a young man and feel better than I have in a long time. I can’t stress this enough. If you have cardiovascular problems, or a family history of cardiovascular problems, Nitric Oxide can help you when conventional medicine can’t. Of all the Nitric Oxide boosters I’ve tried, Cardio Miracle is hand’s down the most effective.

- G. Edward Griffin (Author and National Personality)

I'm fairly young but have battled high blood pressure for over 10 years. The medication I was on made it hard for me to do my job as a general contractor. I started taking Cardio Miracle and started to feel better after about a week. It's been 10 months and my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication and I am feeling better than I have in 10 years.

- Russell PincockIdaho

What to expect with Cardio Miracle
Start Your 30-Day Health Challenge
During the next 30-days you will have the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the benefits of nitric oxide. There have been over 150,000 medical and scientific studies about the benefits of nitric oxide.

As we age, our natural production of nitric oxide decreases. This in itself contributes to the aging process and starts a decline in our natural health. There are natural way to maintain nitric oxide production, but it requires a lot of beets and green leafy vegetables which most people don’t get enough of.

Cardio Miracle gives your body an instant jolt of nitric oxide which immediately helps to relax your blood vessels, increase blood flow and lets the healing begin. Your body is an amazing machine, and if you give it what it needs to heal itself, you can start to see amazing benefits and transformation.

Here is what you receive when you start your 30-day challenge:
  • One (1), 90-Serving Tub of Cardio Miracle’s Enhanced Formula to be taken twice daily.  You are also asked to take a DOUBLE DOSE for the first 14 days to help you see a difference more quickly
  • You will receive a “Pre-Paid Blood Test” at a Quest Laboratories facility, to get your initial blood markers so you will be able to track your success.  
  • A second follow-up blood test will be provided to you at the end of 30-days, so you will see verifiable PROOF of improved results (100% money back guarantee if your markers do not improve) 
  • 1 on 1 Coaching from the gifted Cardio Miracle advisors who will help you reach your health goals during the next 30-days
  • Two (2) Special Guides, which help you maximize your Cardio Miracle experience. 
  • The Cardio Miracle Juice and Smoothie recipe with over 75 amazing ways to help you take Cardio Miracle every day.  
  • A video from Dr. Josh Helman about what to look for in your blood test results and what numbers you should be trying to achieve.

You In Or Out…Time To Decide
Start Your 30-Day Challenge Today
  • 90-Serving Tub of Cardio Miracle Enhanced Formula ($149.97) 
  • Before and After Blood Test ($610)
  • Blood Chemistry Essentials Training Video with Dr. Josh Helman ($47)
  • Live 1-on-1 Call with your personal health coach ($209) 
  • Q&A Webinar with the founder and formulator John Hewlett ($79)
  • 2 Special Report: 5 Ways to Maximize Your N.O. and More Than Just N.O. ($38)


A Total Value Worth Over $1,000

Yours Today for Just $149.97

If your blood work does not improve you will receive a full refund.

Frequently asked questions
Q: What is a Cardio Miracle?

Cardio Miracle is the new superfood. It contains the main components identified as the building blocks for Nitric Oxide synthesis in the body. It is made up of over 50 organic ingredients that offer full spectrum vitamin and mineral support.

As Cardio Miracle is made from the best ingredients, it generally removes the need for any other daily supplement you may be taking.

Q: What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide is a gas produced in almost every cell in the body but is one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. Nitric Oxide causes the blood vessels to widen and stimulates the release of certain hormones, such as insulin and human growth hormone.

However, the natural production of Nitric Oxide decreases as you age. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain optimal levels of nitric oxide in your body as you age.

Q: Can I Take Cardio Miracle With My Medications?

As with any medication, consult your primary medical physician. This is not a medicine but is a supplement that helps you increase the production of Nitric Oxide in your body. Cardio Miracle is made from natural ingredients and is 100% safe.

Q: How do I take Cardio Miracle?

Simply mix one scoop or single serve packet into water or juice and drink it twice daily. It is a powerful and effective daily supplement that helps you increase the amount of Nitric Oxide in your body.

P.S. Remember, never mix the supplement with milk or nuts because protein competes for the same Pathways as the amino acids as Cardio Miracle. This will reduce the efficacy of the supplement.

Q: Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely, we have got your back!

After 30-day, if your blood markers don’t see the improvements you expected despite taking Cardio Miracle as recommended and taking advantage of your two-FREE blood labs, simply contact our customer support team and request a FULL REFUND. There is no risk involved!

You In Or Out…Time To Decide
Start Your 30-Day Challenge Today
  • 90-Serving Tub of Cardio Miracle Enhanced Formula ($149.97) 
  • Before and After Blood Test ($610)
  • Blood Chemistry Essentials Training Video with Dr. Josh Helman ($47)
  • Live 1-on-1 Call with your personal health coach ($209) 
  • Q&A Webinar with the founder and formulator John Hewlett ($79)
  • 2 Special Report: 5 Ways to Maximize Your N.O. and More Than Just N.O. ($38)


A Total Value Worth Over $1,000

Yours Today for Just $149.97

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