Written Testimonials

    • Greg Anderson

      On September 10th, 2015 my treated blood pressure was 140/90. My Staten drug treated tri-glycerides were well over 200. And my Staten drug treated cholesterol was well over outside what is considered normal. Now fast forward with me 90 days after starting Cardio Miracle. I’ve lost 23 pounds, because I have more energy to exercise. I no longer take blood pressure medication and my blood pressure reading this morning was 120/79. My tri-glycerides are at 115, the lowest they have been in my adult lifetime. And my cholesterol levels are well in with what would be considered normal. Oh, and did I mention I now longer take Staten drugs? I save a lot of money and, of course, spare myself the side effects of those drugs.

      Greg Anderson
      CEO Of The Crown Council
    • G. Edward Griffin

      I had major blood pressure problems and started taking a Nitric Oxide booster. Today I have the blood pressure of a young man and feel better than I have in a long time. I can’t stress this enough. If you have cardiovascular problems, or a family history of cardiovascular problems, Nitric Oxide can help you when conventional medicine can’t. Of all the Nitric Oxide boosters I’ve tried, Cardio Miracle is hand’s down the most effective.

      G. Edward Griffin
      Author and National Personality

    • Ron


      Great source of important info. G. Edward Gifford is a going strong octogenarian of 82 years. I copied him in my last letter to the editor of the BND and he published it in the forum section of this daily mailing. Several weeks ago, he spoke of a product called Cardio Miracle that he credits with reducing his blood pressure to healthy youth levels. I researched it and ordered some to try since my resting BP averages 135 over 85 with medication. Yesterday, my BP measured 118 over 82 at my doctor's office. I have more energy and feel good. Founder John Hewlett recommended that I blend with frozen fruit especially bananas to avoid possible digestion issues, I also add strawberries, pineapple and a dash of pomegranate juice. Check it out if the years have slowed you down. All natural, no drugs.


    • Vincent Dunn

      I’ve been taking Cardio Miracle for almost two months now. I’ve noticed a big difference in my blood pressure levels when I take it consistently. Being a dialysis patient and in need of a transplant my blood pressure is what damaged my kidneys. I was diagnosed with severe hypertension back in 2007 and by 2009 I had acute renal failure and been on dialysis ever since. Since taking cardio miracle I have averaged a 20 point drop on both systolic and diastolic numbers. I have more energy and noticed I recover faster after dialysis when I drink it at night and the next morning. I’m sleeping better too, feeling more rested. I highly recommend this amazing nitric oxide formula.

      Vincent Dunn

    • Dixie W.Owner

      I have been using Cardio Miracle for 2 months. I tried Amlodipine, Lisinopril and Irbesartan. The side effects caused me to keep changing the meds. One year ago I entered the emergency room with a BP of 210/97. That’s when I first knew I had high BP. I am a subscriber to Reality Zone and the ad for Cardio Miracle along with the testimonies made me try it. So far I am off all meds and will continue on this this product to see if it continues to be my miracle. My BP is on average 117/ 76. It does go up before second pack in evening in the 140’s sometimes but never higher. Mostly I am in the 120″s. I think this is an amazing product.

      Dixie W.Owner
      Compressed Air Technologies ,VPClarksville, OH, USA

    • Dr. Josh Helman

      My blood pressure has been a major concern in my quest for excellent health… Nothing seem to work. Within three weeks on Cardio Miracle taken twice a day, my blood pressure dropped to normal without medication. I was so grateful to learn of this amazing product at Hippocrates, and I am already recommending it to others. I guess I can say that I learned something really important at Hippocrates that I didn't learn in the Harvard/MIT curriculum." OR “I was skeptical when first hearing about Cardio Miracle. My personal results, my loved ones results, and my research has confirmed that it is the finest supplement I have ever taken or evaluated. Everyone should benefit from it and prove the results for themselves as I have.

      Dr. Josh Helman

    • Russell PincockIdaho

      I’m fairly young but have battled high blood pressure for over 10 years. The medication I was on made it hard for me to do my job as a general contractor. I started taking Cardio Miracle and started to feel better after about a week. It’s been 10 months and my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication and I am feeling better than I have in 10 years.

      Russell PincockIdaho

    • Scot Proctor

      I began taking Cardio Miracle after taking for 110 days every morning and evening. I wantedd to do my blood work to see if things had improved and to my delight everything looked better. My blood pressure for the last 2-3 years was heading towards hypertension but this time my blood pressure was 120/68, my A1C was in a range that was just right for me, my good cholesterol which has never been right was finally in a good range, my vitamin D levels were perfect. All of thee things pointed to one thing in my life, because I hadn't done anything else differently except for taking Cardio Miracle. The extra bonus is, it's easy to take. With just a scoop of powder twice a day, it replaces a fist full of hard to swallow pills. Since I've been taking Cardio Miracle I've found that I have more energy. I can feel my body being energized by the influx of nitric oxide that Cardio Miracle delivers. Because I'm a fierce advocate of my own health, I'll be taking Cardio Miracle for the rest of my life.

      Scot Proctor

    • Kurt Dowdle

      After a near-fatal heart attack and subsequent heart failure, I believed any hope for a healthy life was permanently out of reach for me. Cardio Miracle changed all that. Every day brings new and exciting improvements to my health and stamina. I was skeptical at first. Now, I believe in miracles.

      Kurt Dowdle
      Age 58

    • Leslie Christensen

      Cardio Miracle has been so great. All my levels are up. Prior to taking Cardio Miracle, my Vitamin D levels were down, even taking supplements and being out in the sun as much as I could, it just wasn't enough. According to my doctor, vitamin D levels are in the high range now, My cholesterol was down to 182. It hasn't been under 200 for years. It's dropped about 42 points. I just had my dental check-up this week. I've had chronic receding gums for years. My lower front teeth you could see the bottom of my teeth. Going to the dentist for a cleaning was pure torture because I had so many roots exposed. I now have only a couple of spots that are receded, and just barely. My check up was painless! Awesome results. Besides that fact of just feeling good also.

      Leslie Christensen

    • Tina Braddock

      I've been taking Cardio Miracle since last spring. The results have been amazing! My energy levels have increased, dental issues have substantially improved, and my vitamin D level has gone from 23 to 63, in months on the product! I am thrilled with the results, and recommending it to family and friends.

      Tina Braddock

    • Ray Potter

      I have been plagued with receding gums and bleeding for over 40 years. My dentist has recommended surgery several times along with cleanings every three months. I tried everything I could including packing my teeth at night with a powder to help heal the gums. After taking Cardio Miracle for three weeks; two scoops per day; I went for my cleaning appointment and was so thrilled to hear that 17 of my pockets had improved one to two millimeters with less bleeding than in the past. Three months later I went back for another cleaning and was a little nervous; fearing that the first time was just an accident! Much to my pleasure, I had 10 more improvements of one to two millimeters in pocket depth.

      Ray Potter Utah

    • Tom Johnson

      In February 2017, Lindsey Johnson, my daughter-in-law, suggested a product called Cardio Miracle. Since I am a cyclist, it was something she thought might help me. I started taking it the first week of March..and didn't notice anything different until the first part of April. All of a sudden, I could ride at a faster pace without as much exertion. I've had comments from the group riders I ride with - "wow, you've really gotten stronger this year". At the end of May, I did a race that I usually participate in every year - the distance is 62 miles. Previously, my personal best time was 4 hours, 30 minutes. But this time, I broke my record by riding in 3 hours, 46 minutes...and won my age group (60-64) by over 20 minutes..including the fact that I took a wrong turn which cost me about 10 minutes. Also, my blood pressure was about 146 / 80 and my resting heart rate was 58 when I started. After 3 months of taking Cardio Miracle, my BP is 132/77 and my resting heart rate is 46. I'm so stoked about Cardio Miracle!

      Tom Johnson

    • Jason Buck

      I want to heal from the damage I’ve done to myself. I’ve had great results from Cardio Miracle. My RECOVERY IS BETTER and my overall health. When I looked into it more and realized what it did, I KNEW this was something I wanted to have my loved ones on.

      Jason Buck, Retired BYU All-American Football and NFL Super Bowl Team Member

    • Heidi Crockett

      This product is amazing! I use it to help relieve nerve pain from my back surgery and I can also tell it is causing me to heal quicker. I take 4 scoops a day. Whenever I start to have pain creep back up, I take another scoop. I read in studies that nitric oxide destroys macrophages which are white blood cells, so the product helps relieve inflammation. I wish more people with chronic pain knew about it.

      Heidi Crockett

    • Carolyn Bryan

      As an avid exercise enthusiast and health advocate, Cardio Miracle has touched me intimately for its ability to help create Health in a new way which is both powerful, and efficient. The breath of life I feel from ten years of dedicated yoga practice is enhanced from taking Cardio Miracle! I breathe deeper and more efficiently which takes my practice and life to the next level.

      Carolyn Bryan

    • Stan Cottrell

      I'm a runner. I run long distances. I've run approximately 10 times around the Earth. I take fitness and health very seriously. In fact, I've been on Cardio Miracle for the last three years, and it's made a tremendous difference in my life.

      Stan Cottrell

    • Kelly Vincent

      I've suffered from knee pain and foot pain since 2008 and I have not been able to find ANYTHING that can give me any kind of pain relief. I started taking it and after 3 days, I noticed some relief of my chronic pain. It really opened up a lot more movement than I didn't have before. Cardio Miracle has really helped me in my movement, with my injuries and my pain on a daily basis. Try it out for yourself and see what it can do for you!

      Kelly Vincent, Army Medic, Creator of Network Gladiator

    • Aminika Glasco

      Approximately 6 months ago, I had hiatal hernia surgery with a scheduled overnight hospital stay. After the procedure, I immediately felt experienced severe pain, muscle spasms and cramping in both of my feet and legs. It was almost 2 weeks before the cramping and spasms lessened in their frequency from hourly to a few times per day. I was unable to walk due to the pain, blistering, swelling and numbness. My feet have gone through many stages in appearance from pockets of red on the outer sides and heels, to bruised, blistered and cracked during the healing process.

      Since the surgery, I have been in and out of the hospital many times and have seen many medical doctors/specialists. With no definitive diagnosis, I have been told I had reperfusion injury, complex regional pain syndrome and small fiber neuropathy only to have another doctor/specialist affirm the negative to those diagnosis. However, I did not have any problems with my feet before I went into surgery and the symptoms were immediately present when I came out from under anesthesia.

      I received injections in my feet/back, used creams and took to many prescription drugs to name. I still felt pain and began to fall with no feeling in my lower extremities. I started taking Cardio Miracle about two months after discharge and my turnaround has been nothing short of a miracle. I still have some pain and swelling. But, my feet look and feel nothing like they did even a month ago. I am able to feel my legs and feet and the last muscle spasm or cramp that I had was in no way as intense as those I experienced before starting the Cardio Miracle.

      I believe with all certainty that something happened during surgery and it relates to blood flow. I pray for complete healing and will continue to take Cardio Miracle.

      Thank you for your research and resources in making Cardio Miracle available.

      Aminika Glasco
      Age 23
      Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

    • Gordon and Teri Dillon


      My husband learned about nitric oxide in a miraculous encounter with two strangers waiting to board a cruise last winter. He has been taking the supplement since last April and even with advanced COPD, his breathing has dramatically improved, his energy level is now beyond our expectations, and his PSA has dropped from over 10 to 2. Our doctors are shocked. We are grateful for Cardio Miracle in our lives.

      Gordon and Teri Dillon

    • Bruce Nelson

      I had to get a neurologist. After looking through everything, he told me 'I have to tell you that I'm looking at a miracle.' This doctor as well as the rest of them thought I was miracle at that point. Just getting better and better and becoming more of a miracle is one of the greatest things that I can hope and pray happens. Cardio Miracle is one of the great things that I credit it to.

      Holistic Chiropractic Physician & A Cardio Miracle
      Bruce Nelson

    • Tina Braddock

      I've been taking Cardio Miracle since last spring. The results have been amazing! My energy levels have increased, dental issues have substantially improved, and my vitamin D level has gone from 23 to 63, in months on the product! I am thrilled with the results, and recommending it to family and friends.

      Tina Braddock

    • Tina Braddock

      I've been taking Cardio Miracle since last spring. The results have been amazing! My energy levels have increased, dental issues have substantially improved, and my vitamin D level has gone from 23 to 63, in months on the product! I am thrilled with the results, and recommending it to family and friends.

      Tina Braddock

    • Ty Bollinger

      I was introduced to Cardio Miracle by John Hewlett, and I was familiar with the benefits of nitric oxide, so I knew the value of a product like that. Then I started to look at the list of ingredients John has in his product, and I saw it's an exceptional list of ingredients. I started taking it and now I take it a couple times every day. I know the effect it's having in my body, so regardless of whether I feel a change or not I will continue to take the product because I know what it's doing in my body.

      Ty Bollinger

    • Robert Dickman

      As a professional chemist, I began taking several of the components of Cardio Miracle when I had a health scare involving my blood pressure and triglycerides. Taking Cardio Miracle has made it easy, because I get every ingredient I was taking separately, and more, in one product. I am 70-years and now feel like I am 40. I see the ingredients of Cardio Miracle as the best of the best for my cardiovascular system and overall health.

      Robert Dickman, Formulator & Chemist

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