Did You Know There Are Subtle Differences In Heart Disease Symptoms For Women?

There are some important differences in the way women experience heart disease and heart attack. These are important distinctions for all of us to be aware of in case our loved one experiences these foreboding signs.

  • This may be hard to believe but female hearts are different from male hearts and this physiological difference supports a greater physical workload for one heart over another. Men’s hearts are denser with more powerful muscles which are primed for sudden increases in workload. Women’s hearts are smaller and the inside diameter of their arteries narrower. This means there is greater ease for blockage caused by a build-up of plaque with women’s narrow arteries.
  • Women have more heart resilience during their child bearing years but develop heart problems later in life and with a more negative impact. While men statistically have heart problems 10 years earlier than women they tend to have better recoveries. As women experience a greater rise in cholesterol levels, blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and weight gain as they age, heart conditions tend to be more serious from the onset. Often the symptoms mimic arthritis and other age-related issues.
  • Women experience angina differently than men. Where men experience angina due to exertion or exercise and have improvement with rest, women’s angina comes on with no obvious cause and doesn’t usually improve with rest. In fact, women’s angina often goes undetected because it’s mistaken for gastrointestinal issues. It’s more likely women will experience chronic low grade angina symptoms rather than the clear signs like men.
  • Women’s early warning signs of a heart attack are as subtle as indigestion and anxiety. Whereas, men have noticeable signs such as a sharp pain in the chest and numbness.
  • The protections against heart disease that women enjoy during childbearing years disappear with menopause. Menopause usually reduces estrogen levels sharply and that has a negative impact on cholesterol. As LDL cholesterol goes up and HDL cholesterol goes down with menopause their heart disease risks go up.

Heart disease now affects as many women as men and mortality rates are also shared equally among the sexes. Given the vast studies and information on prevention and early detection readily available, the number of people suffering from heart disease could be drastically reduced. Heart disease is preventable so there is no reason it should be in the number one spot on the list of the top ten deadliest diseases in America.

Nitric oxide when properly formulated can be one of the greatest preventative forms of an alternative to chemical drugs. Not only does it relax and cleanse the arteries, it keeps plaque from forming. Another important benefit of nitric oxide is that it keeps the arteries pliable and resilient. Cardio Miracle is formulated to give a super strengthening boost to arteries with artery strengthening ingredients like hawthorn berry, resveratrol and grape seed extract.

Another important component to preventing heart disease is to keep the arteries from becoming inflamed. This isn’t an easy task given that the typical American diet is rich in inflammatory food. The ingredients that ravage your arteries leaving them weak, inflamed and prone to gather plaque are;

  • Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Excessive Alcohol
  • Processed Meats
  • Refined Carbohydrates

Women are more inclined to brush off those subtle early warning signs of heart disease or heart attack. Eliminating harmful inflammatory foods is the first step in prevention. And, supplementing with Cardio Miracle’s plant based, whole food, nitric oxide supplement is a sure way to have a positive impact in assisting the body to maintain a high level of nitric oxide, preventing heart disease and inflammation.

Cardio Miracle Nitric Oxide Supplement’s anti-inflammatory effect is boosted by ingredients well known as anti-inflammation powerhouses. Powerhouses like turmeric, ginseng, astaxanthin, astralagus, pycnogenol and pine bark extract are made more bioavailable in this formula due to the effect nitric oxide has in dilating and relaxing the artery. This is vitally important to assist in the prevention of inflamed arteries.

When you consider blood vessels carry vital oxygen-rich blood to all your body's tissues it’s easy to understand your whole body is at risk when your arteries are damaged. And, when arteries are clogged it either kills the person or slowly chokes off vital nutrients to the organ at the receiving end of the blood supply.

The English physician Thomas Sydenham observed over 300 years ago "A man is as old as his arteries."

It is no less true today. Your arteries are the key to good health. Cardio Miracle is as preventative as it is corrective. This world class formula supports the body to produce its own maximum level of nitric oxide for up to 12 hours and then continues to deliver residual support for up to 72 hours.

Lastly, Cardio Miracle delivers a therapeutic dose of Vitamin D3 in concert with Vitamin K2 which prevents calcium build up in the organs and shuttles into the bone where it belongs.

If women want to keep their arteries healthy and pliable then nitric oxide will help maintain a cleaner cardiovascular system while delivering better blood flow and circulation. Women need nitric oxide supplementation just as much as men to assist the body in the prevention of the number one killer, Heart Disease.

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