How To Get The Most From Your Nitric Oxide Supplement


Here are some tips you may not be aware of that will help improve the efficacy of your dosing.

  • Never take Cardio Miracle Nitric Oxide Supplement with a protein. Protein competes with the same pathways as the amino acids which trigger your body to produce nitric oxide.
  • Best to take Cardio Miracle on an empty stomach and give your body up to 45 minutes to assimilate all its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nutrients.
  • No need to take Vitamin D or Vitamin K2 anymore. Cardio Miracle supplies a preventative dose of both these essential vitamins known to help prevent cancer and tumors and many other health related issues.
  • Best time to exercise is after having taken Cardio Miracle. CM increases circulation to the entire body, priming your muscles for a work out.
  • If you want to add some interest to your CM drink you can add a scoop to a non dairy smoothie for a delicious pick me up. Refer to our website on our ingredients tab for some delicious Cardio Miracle smoothie recipes.
  • If you feel under the weather you can double dose to give your body extra support it needs to fight off invading pathogens. Best to take a cardio miracle drink morning mid-day and evening. You’ll be surprised to see that you may kick it to the curb and carry on.
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