John Hewlett and his son Jason Hewlett, performing live together.


The risk of stroke and heart attacks can now be lowered naturally according to new studies!

In 2015, at the International Stroke Conference research was presented that showed that adequate levels of Vitamin D reduced stroke risk by 50% or more, and also impacted the recovery dependence and functionality.


In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists for the value of nitric oxide to improve blood flow, oxygen, and improve capillary health. Logic and subsequent studies, (thousands of them), have shown increasing nitric oxide and sustaining it 24/7 in the body has had a significant impact on capillary health, vessel relaxation, dilation, (blood pressure) and more efficient absorption in the mitochondria.

Four years ago on Valentines Day, I married Janet Duffin, now age 61 (my best relationship decision of a lifetime). She was on multiple medications, took many supplements, and yet her Vitamin D level remained at chronically low levels in the 30-32 range. She was consistently ill but fought through her anxiety and suffering courageously. After taking Cardio Miracle for two years, her Vitamin D3 level had increased to 82, her fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms are now gone, and she has been off the addictive medications and their toxic side effects that she had been taking for over 25 years. Her family and friends are shocked and thrilled at her improved health, vitality, and quality of life. She was always beautiful inside and out, but now has her life and health back. She is enjoying her children, my children, and our 16 combined grandchildren in this important chapter of life as GRANDPARENTS!

Next to my own Cardio Miracle, of which heart disease or related conditions had taken my dad at 62, my grandfather at 66, my uncle at 57, my aunt at 67, and my cousin at 49, she is my own Valentine’s Day Cardio Miracle story and blessing.

Harvard MD, the Entertainer Jason Hewlett, and others tell their experience

Harvard MD, and Cambridge-trained Biochemist, Dr. Joshua Helman, Director of the World recognized Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida wrote, “Cardio Miracle improved my vitamin D levels significantly in several months. It is without question the finest, highest quality supplement I have ever taken or studied. My blood pressure has gone to normal. I no longer require medication, and all my significant blood chemistry readings have improved significantly. I take it twice a day, and no longer need to take handfuls of less effective supplements, and have eliminated prescription drugs.”

Jason Hewlett, nationally acclaimed entertainer, Hall of Fame Speaker, and (my oldest son) recently posted this on his blog, “Cardio Miracle has helped me to conquer jet lag, and for my voice to recover from imitating 150 various voices in speeches given every couple of days. I also have been able to avoid getting seasonal illnesses after being exposed sometimes hundreds of times each day in my travels and my busy life as a father. I don’t take it because my dad developed it, I take it because it works, and nothing else has helped me more in maintaining my health and demanding schedule.”

Ken Shelton, a 70-year-old from Orem. An international-renown author, editor, and the collaborator on The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People with Stephen R. Covey, wrote, “I have never endorsed a commercial health product or sold one. Cardio Miracle has been the best nutritional gift I have ever received. It has given me my life back in my late 60’s. My neuropathy and energy has improved so much that I am back on the golf course, off all medications, and feel better than I have in years.”

LDS Living subscriber Karen Mitterholzer wrote, “Thank you for giving my mother and I our lives back by developing this wonderful supplement, Cardio Miracle. I never thought I would see my darling mother be vibrant and mobile again after her numerous heart and health-related problems. My years as a flight attendant had taken its toll on my feet and my neuropathy, and now I’m virtually pain-free at work. We both feel better than we have in years, and are so grateful to have learned of this product from LDS Living magazine. “

Cardio Miracle is offering a special to LDS Living readers to try the medically and scientifically validated benefits Cardio Miracle’s unique dual pathway nitric oxide. Its unique delivery of dozens of ingredients includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, B12 and other B Vitamins, in addition to dozens of other pure, natural, and organic vitamins, minerals and nutrients. For a special offer for LDS Living readers at this link: CLICK HERE.

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