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A most significant challenge in getting older is observing firsthand the various trials and tragedies our loved ones suffer through during the aging process. There are various health afflictions and chronic illness associated with aging. Two of the many horrific health-related maladies on the rise that has a devastating impact on everyone in the family circle is Alzheimer’s and dementia. The United States is approaching six million adult victims of this tragic condition.

Having watched from a distance at some of my own extended family members, many of my parents’ dearest friends, and now even lifelong friends or their spouses afflicted by these diseases, it is a constant reminder of this escalating epidemic.

Intelligent, beautiful, dignified, articulate, and charming adults are being brought down to total dependency, stiff stick-figure mobility, and a need for 24-hour supervision by loved ones and paid caregivers. The cost is often into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for many years, but the human cost and suffering for all involved is beyond financial measurement and devastating. The stress and heartache of the loved ones is a gut-wrenching daily experience at the least, to the observer, even in small doses. The family members and immediate caregiver live with the nightmare daily with no foreseeable relief or hope in sight.

According to existing traditional medicine, there is no known cure. Even recent research out of Australia has claimed that expensive traditional prescriptions may be accelerating the decline and symptoms though extremely toxic with side effects.

There are three currently stated observable types of the disease.

• Inflammatory based, attributable to a fired up, or reactive immune system attempting to battle the inflammation condition in the cells.

• Vitamin, mineral, and lack of quality fats and good cholesterol to maintain healthy brain circulation, lymphatic response, and waste removal in the body.

• Accumulated metals, toxins, bio-toxins, and mold that causes the accumulation of lethal biofilm and tangled plaque proteins.

With no hope for a cure to reverse this disease through conventional medicine, the obvious alternative is to focus on prevention. In evaluating the various options, logic and science would tell us that improved circulation, more oxygen, improved lymphatic function, absorbable vitamins, minerals, quality saturated fats, and herbal or naturally derived anti-inflammatories would be intelligent options to consider and implement.


Aging loved ones are susceptible to increased plaque in the brain, which can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Support the Body and Fight Disease Naturally

Research has proven over the past 20 years that nitric oxide (a special gas molecule found in the lining of our blood cell walls) relaxes and heals capillaries, increases oxygen to the cell, opens up the arterial lining for nutrient absorption, strengthens the lymphatic contraction assisting in removing accumulated toxic waste, and assists in the molecular dissolving of biofilms.

Supplementing with vitamin D3 and quality anti-inflammatories has also shown significant clinical preventative benefits. The research is emerging that shows when quality D3 is combined with consistent daily, extended, and elevated nitric oxide delivery, it supports the bodies fight against the disease environment cofactors effectively.

Cardio Miracle was formulated with a decade of research and collaboration at the highest scientific and nutritional levels to stimulate and extend dual-pathway nitric oxide for 12 to 24 hours with significant levels of nitric oxide delivery per dose. This is not just a product for dilating arteries, it is an extended, safely delivered nitric oxide known in medical circles as The Miracle Molecule.”

A 2018 to 2019 University of Ohio cellular study by internationally acclaimed biochemist, Ph.D., and author of over 400 published medical papers on vitamin D3 and nitric oxide, Tadeusz Malinski, has now confirmed Cardio Miracle’s delivery of extended nitric oxide at the cellular level.

It is the first and only nitric oxide supplement of its kind to have such clinical validation at the cellular level, tested in the premier laboratory worldwide for nitric oxide research.

Support your body’s ability to protect, improve, and hopefully prevent chronic illness and cognitive decline—for yourself and those you love!

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