The Tremendous Impact of Nitric Oxide On Decreasing The Risk of Viral Infection.

As Flu season settles down a new strain of flu has been detected in China. The source of this new strain is still not settled as the story has changed many times and many of the facts seem to escape the mass media. Yet the world’s media has made the Corona Virus the main topic of news everyday. We feel it necessary to quell the fear that seems to have spread to various populations in numerous countries.


We want to attempt to put flu and pneumonia into a less ominous perspective. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), 34,147 people died in the United States in 2018/19 from flu. Keep in mind that those cases often come with underlying conditions and illness that precipitated the flu. In other words, a compromised immune system doesn’t often have the reserve to fight off invading pathogens and succumbs to a flu that would otherwise have been overcome.

Corona Virus or not more than 34,000 people died from flu last year and so far this year we have not heard of tens of thousands dying from Corona Virus here in the States.

At Cardio Miracle we have long reported on the power of nitric oxide to boost immunity and fight flu. In addition, nitric oxide also de-structures the aftermath of the flu virus known as biofilm. As viruses accumulate in the body more biofilm is created and stored away.

Certain viruses are capable of forming complex biofilm-like structures, similar to bacterial biofilms. These extracellular infectious structures may protect viruses from the immune system, enabling them to spread efficiently from cell to cell.

"Viral biofilms" appears to be a major propagation mechanism for certain viruses. Biofilm poses an extra load on the body’s immune system so it’s important to reduce their number. Nitric oxide is one of the only things known to tear apart biofilm. Antibiotics don’t make a dent on these smart and dangerous structures floating around in the body.

Studies now are showing that flus and especially respiratory conditions and pneumonia are very much mitigated with nitric oxide supplementation.We have long known about the powerful impact nitric oxide has on boosting the immune system, but even more importantly for those facing possible exposure is the fact nitric oxide acts as natural antibiotic.

Nitric oxide has antimicrobial activity against a wide spectrum of infectious pathogens.Recent studies found nitric oxide eradicates one of the toughest bacteria that cause chronic lung infections for cystic fibrosis sufferers. If nitric oxide can do that than the possibilities for other bacterial and viral applications are quite promising. This has scientist optimistic about nitric oxide as a natural alternative to drug-resistant viral conditions.

According to Mark Schoenfisch, PhD and Chief Scientific Officer at Vast Therapeutics, studies show a nitric oxide-release therapeutic (supplement) mimics internal mechanisms in eradicating bacteria in a broad action manner, making it a perfect alternative to antibiotics that have run their course and are no longer effective.

“As we focus on treating chronic infections in cystic fibrosis patients through the controlled and local delivery of inhaled macromolecules, we are initially targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa – the bacteria most problematic to CF patients. We have tested the effect of nitric oxide against 29 different strains and have shown a 100% success rate in eradicating all superbugs tested so far, including the top 10 CF pathogens and over 12 superbugs defined by the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control as severe threats to public health.”

Mark Schoenfisch, PhD

Schoenfisch points out the key advantages for using nitric oxide to treat chronic infections include:

  • Its short half-life, which allows it to break down or oxidize much more easily than traditional antibiotics;
  • Its small size and lack of charge, which enables rapid diffusion into mucus and biofilms to act on bacteria;
  • Its ability to kill all bacteria due to its broad-spectrum activity;
  • Its minimal side-effects on cells and tissue.

Nitric Oxide’s remarkable impact on boosting immunity and the body’s ability to combat destructive pathogens is not questioned. So, the question is why aren’t more people supplementing with a healthy and properly formulated nitric oxide supplement? We hope the information we provide encourages people to begin their research into this “Miracle Molecule” and consider it as a natural, safe and proven method to ward off viruses and many other ailments.

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