This Holiday Season Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow: Nitric Oxide and Easy Detoxification

Nitric Oxide and Easy Detoxification

The Lymphatic System and Nitric Oxide

In chronic illness and disease, toxins and waste products accumulate with a compromised lymph system and contraction strength. It is important to reduce systemic inflammation where possible, and increase nitric oxide to strengthen the self-governing contractions within the lymphatic vessels. Clinical research has proven conclusively that the presence of elevated nitric oxide stimulates the lymph nodes and lymph vessel walls to contract more consistently and forcefully. This result is critical to maintain the balance of delivering more oxygen, fluid and nutrients with healthy capillaries, and unclogging and reduced inflammation in lymphatic vessels to improve the critical toxic waste disposal process.

Supplemental nitric oxide assists that effort, while also stimulating superior cell rejuvenation and replication. Nitric oxide helps balance carbon dioxide levels, which, if ignored, can become a significant contributor to chronic issues, including cancer.

During sleep, the brain rests, actually shrinking in size, while detoxing the brain tissue, and squeezes the waste products out of the cells, and removes the fluid through the lymphatics.

When there is inadequate nitric oxide, insufficient cholesterol, essential fats, reduced oxygen and blood flow from atherosclerosis, then the resultant effect is several fold: cellular mutation and abnormality; deprivation of oxygen and key nutrients; atherosclerosis restricting blood flow at the microscopic level; increased inflammation and tissue repair; and ultimately accumulated proteins and toxic materials that suffocate cells and portions of the brain from all of the above issues.

Toxic and acidic foods contribute to excessive waste products, also excessive consumption of caffeine, processed food, sugar, synthetic sweeteners, stress, poor nutritional and inferior supplements all contribute. The epidemic escalation of dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other vessel diseases contribute to the loss of sight, hearing, teeth, and chronic Illnesses of both the immune system, and nervous system, often with resultant cancer, which is often proliferated through lymphatic system disorders.

Increased quality nitric oxide levels assist all of these problems, when signaled, and extended effectively and safely through supplementation. Amino acids like arginine, citrulline, carnitine, taurine, ornithine, along with beet powder, watermelon extract, hawthorn berry, grape seed extract, astragalus root, panax ginseng, and other ingredients all help signal and extend nitric oxide gas to do its important cellular work.Cardio Miracle nourishes the cells of all of the three vessel systems, while delivering more absorbable vitamin D, B, C, biotin, selenium, turmeric, and many other quality ingredients all from plant based absorbable sources.

When a person supplements with dual pathway signaling nitric oxide, as contained in a “clean” supplement like Cardio Miracleit signals balanced, extended nitric oxide which can accomplish many preventative objectives to the health issues described above.

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