What if you could trigger your body to produce a gas which aids your body in reducing pain?

Cardio Miracle’s nitric oxide supplement triggers chemical reactions to support the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Nitric oxide (N-O) is involved in many physiological processes and several studies provide mounting evidence that N-O plays a diverse role in the modulation of pain and is an important neuro-transmitter. It has been shown that N-O mediates the analgesic effect of opioids and other analgesic substances.

Endorphins are brain chemicals that are natural pain relievers produced by the body. Thirty years ago, morphine was discovered to be an endogenous (originating from within) signaling molecule in the body. Since that time endorphins have come to be referred to as an “endogenous morphine.” Endorphins work by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain to block the perception of pain, similar to opioid pain medications such as oxycodone or morphine. Endorphins improve mood while also blocking pain signals. Just as endorphins can block pain, they can block the conscious mind from processing pain during traumatic events.

N-O is produced in biologic cells by a family of enzymes referred to as the nitric oxide synthases (NOSs). The beneficial or harmful effects of different forms of N-O suggest dual effects of N-O in biologic structures.

The various forms are known as isoforms, constitutive NOS (cNOS), and inducible NOS (iNOS).

Endogenous morphine binds to a specific protein known as the MOR Gi-coupled protein which down-regulates cell metabolism and stimulates the release of constitutive Nitric Oxide, (cNOS), disinhibiting dopamine output. This mechanism blocks the stress response. Another well-studied side effect of morphine is hypotension, as N-O causes vasodilation. As part of the relaxation response, this side effect may be desirable. This smooth muscle relaxation causes vasodilation, lowering blood pressure.

According to the findings of Thomas Burke, PhD, “Nitric oxide reduces pain directly by increasing cGMP (the mechanism by which opioids work), and indirectly by increasing circulation to restore normal membrane potential and reduce pressure on nerves due to localized edema.”In the process of assisting in decreasing pain it also assists in decreasing inflammation through the delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Remarkably there are other ways to trigger N-O in the body. A number of studies have demonstrated that OMT (osteopathic manipulative therapy) releases vasculature and nerve tissues, causing a marked increase in the concentration of N-O in the blood.

OMT is the therapeutic application of manual techniques by an osteopathic physician to address the changes in body structure to improve physiologic function. OMT techniques range from gentle palpation to high-pressure or rapid, forceful manipulation. OMT has been found to initiate the release of nitric oxide, which is endorphin’s second messenger in the body.

On a physiological level, exercise offers another pain-reducing effect. It strengthens muscles, helping prevent re-injury and further pain. In addition, exercise can help keep your weight down, reduce heart disease risk and control blood sugar levels, especially important if you have diabetes.

Nitric oxide-based intervention may produce substantial pain relief without undesirable side effects by increasing circulation, decreasing nerve irritation, and decreasing inflammation in joints.

Cardio Miracle’s nitric oxide-stimulating supplement supports the transportation of sufficient oxygen, nutrients, and glucose to nerve cells, positively affecting adenosine triphosphate production (ATP) to provide energy to living cells and, in turn, the potassium/sodium homeostasis essential for neurotransmission. By improving neurotransmission, nitric oxide helps to reduce pain.






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