Why Wait For A New Year’s Resolution. Feel Better Today. A Little Holiday Advice

The holidays are full of tempting culinary delights that will challenge our resolve. The one thing we all know is that those indulgences don’t make us feel very good shortly after taking in large quantities of food and drink and little sleep.

We do have another choice. How about enjoying smaller portions of holiday delicacies and cut out at least one favorite food. Perhaps your favorite is bread and desserts. Choose one and commit to banning it from the party.

The second painless discipline you can implement to feel better is to commit to walking 30 minutes everyday if you aren’t already. If you are walking, keep it up and bypass any excuses not to take your daily trek. Make sure to swing your arms to increase lymphatic flow.

The third painless discipline is to take a nitric oxide supplement to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and help regulate homeostasis. Why is this important during the holiday? Vegetable oils, processed sugars and flours contribute to thickening of the blood which puts more pressure on the heart and inflames the arteries. Alcohol also dehydrates the blood making it thicker, putting more pressure on the heart to pump this thickened fluid through the body’s vascular system.

Cardio Miracle Nitric Oxide Supplement adds a lot of supportive help to the amino acids responsible for triggering your body to produce its own nitric oxide. Those unique ingredients help to detoxify your blood of some of the effects of indulging in those forbidden foods. It also increases the body’s homeostatic response to maintaining balance so your body has the energy to fight off bigger problems. In addition, it’s a massive anti-inflammatory. Your arteries and heart greatly appreciate these benefits. No need to start this for your New Year’s resolution.

Another interesting fact is that when nitric oxide (NO) levels dip, aging is accelerated. To make matters worse numerous daily activities also impair NO production. The holiday season is rife with activities such as; alcohol and processed foods which help to decrease NO production.

In addition, as you age your body produces less and less NO.At 40 years of age, you’re producing about 50% of what you did at 20.

The reduction of NO levels accumulate decade after decade which is why aging is accelerated the older one gets. According to leading Nitric Oxide researcher, Nathan Bryan, PhD,“Without healthy NO (Nitric Oxide) levels you cannot be healthy and prevent the diseases of aging. Nitric oxide is the secret to anti-aging.”

There IS a natural way to restore NO production to levels that can heal your body and prevent disease and decelerate aging.

The discovery made by three American scientists not only won them the Nobel Prize in Medicine, it is nothing short of a miracle. Most of the more than 114,000 scientific papers researching this miracle molecule have been written in just the last eight years. It has taken scientist decades to understand the fundamental role of Nitric Oxide in the body. The complexity of nitric oxide still is not totally understood. Scientists are in the beginning stages of learning the miraculous responsibilities it has which is how it came to be known as The Miracle Molecule.

Nitric Oxide is responsible for signaling and modulating many processes involved with virtually every organ in the body.

It’s been shown that Nitric Oxide is involved and affects

  • neurotransmission
  • memory
  • stroke
  • glaucoma
  • neural degeneration
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • penile erection
  • angiogenesis
  • wound healing
  • atherogenesis
  • inflammation such as arthritis, nephritis, colitis, autoimmune diseases
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • invading pathogens
  • tumors, asthma
  • tissue transplantation
  • septic shock
  • platelet aggregation and blood coagulation
  • sickle cell disease
  • gastrointestinal motility
  • hormone secretion
  • gene regulation
  • hemoglobin delivery of oxygen
  • insulin signaling and diabetes
  • stem cell proliferation and differentiation
  • bronchodilation

The most devastating health problems facing Americans and people worldwide is greatly prevented or corrected with Cardio Miracle’s whole food nitric oxide supplement.Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative disease are the plague of the world. Cardiovascular disease leads to the number one killer in the world, Heart Disease. The holiday season may be fun, but it offers the very things that contribute to these killer diseases in the way of food, alcohol and long hours without sleep.

Many people associate Nitric Oxide with lowering blood pressure, but that’s only one of the many health problems a properly formulated nitric oxide supplement can help correct and prevent. Nitric oxide’s ability to assist in homeostasis alone can help with these killer diseases.

Cardio Miracle Nitric Oxide Supplement provides additional nutritional support to its amino acid complex responsible for nitric oxide production, making its formula an anti-inflammatory powerhouse worthy of adding to your daily disciplines to feel better and slow down aging.

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