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The Nobel Prize discovery of the wide range effect that nitric oxide has on the health of the body is one of the greatest discoveries of the last century. In fact, scientists learned that the body cannot survive without nitric oxide.

They also learned the body slows down its production of nitric oxide every decade of life so that by the time one reaches 80 years of age he is producing about 15% of what he produced at 20.

As the body loses nitric oxide it not only ages, but things start to go wrong. The result is illness and disease start to pop up more frequently until they become a daily issue. The good news is we can trigger our bodies to produce nitric oxide by taking a properly formulated supplement and reverse many symptoms.

There are numerous supplements on the market and then there is Cardio Miracle!

It's The Absolute Best Way To Prevent and Correct Serious Disease

Cardio Miracle contains the main components identified as the building blocks for Nitric Oxide synthesis in the body.

No Nitric Oxide boosting formula offers a more effective or complete full spectrum nutritional supplement that addresses health conditions beyond the scope nitric oxide.

  • Increases Oxygenation
  • Improves Circulation
  • Vasodilate the Cardiovascular System
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Aids in Lymphatic Contraction
  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Improves Sexual Health
  • Supports Insulin Response
  • Supports Oral Health

How Does Nitric Oxide Help Your Heart?

Nitric oxide (NO) has many important heart and whole body benefits. It’s most commonly known as a vascular dilator and blood pressure regulator. By promoting healthy dilation of your veins and arteries blood flows more easily to all the organs of tissue throughout the body. NO also prevents red blood cells from sticking together and creating dangerous clots and blockages which lead to heart attack or stroke.

Your body naturally generates nitric oxide in the endothelium which is a cellular lining about the thickness of a strand of hair. This fine layer lines all the blood vessel walls. This lining becomes damaged most often due to poor lifestyle choices. When it becomes inflamed due to dietary and lifestyle choices, it slows the production of NO which in turn creates other types of arterial damage, making it vulnerable to accumulating plaque in the artery.

This endothelium holds the key to vascular health and is directly affected by dietary choices and lifestyle choices. The good news is studies show that anybody can improve the health of their endothelium. It begins with increasing the production of NO and better lifestyle choices.

Dr. Brian Clement, PhD
Director, Hippocrates Health Institute

"Cardio Miracle's Nitric Oxide formula and extended delivery is not only profound but it takes Nitric Oxide supplementation to a breakthrough level never before achieved."

Pat Worcestor
Founding Member of the Crown Council

"I love the taste, it's delicious. It has become my morning coffee substitute, and it's also my 3 o'clock in the afternoon pick me up snack. When I wanted coffee or something else before, now I have my Cardio Miracle. I feel better taking it, and can't say enough good things about it. Our patients are very happy with it, they like the taste and it's easy. These people are very excited about it!"

Dr Brad Nelson
The Emotion Code

The incredible benefits of nitric oxide are well known, and the Cardio Miracle formula is superior to any formula that I have used. I believe that everyone should be on this formula, to help protect and promote our endothelial health.

Cardio Miracle's delicious supplement is by far the best tasting and most complete nutritional nitric oxide supplement on the market. No other product can match our 53+ organic ingredient rich formula that offers full spectrum vitamin and mineral support.

AMAZING results you can FEEL and your bloodwork will SHOW!

Healthy Heart 
Stabilize & Improve
Blood Pressure
Liver Support
& Detoxification
Balance Blood
Sugar Levels
Increased Oxygenation
& Blood Circulation
Athletic Performance
& Recovery
Better Digestion
& Microbiome
Oral Health
Protection Against
Cellular Clinical Testing
Best Nitric Oxide Delivery
Eye Health
Neural Support
& Mental Clarity

Cardio Miracle’s dual-pathway delivery system signals nitric oxide production within one second by absorption through the sublingual pathway (the mouth) and then through the gut. With over 5000mg of anti-oxidants, Cardio Miracle is the most effective nitric oxide supplement for athletic performance, human sexual performance, and extensive cardiovascular activity. Formulated safely with the highest quality, absorbable, amino acids carefully blended and buffered with other potent anti-inflammatory and stress adaptogenic ingredients.

Dr. Joshua Helman
Harvard/Cambridge MIT Trained Biochemist and Emergency Medical Physician

In my 25 years of research, I have never seen a molecule (nitric oxide) that so pervasively influences normal and abnormal body functions.

Dr. Joseph Prendergast
Retired Expert Endocrinologist, "The Diabetes Doctor"

“I helped formulate and test in my office several nitric oxide formulas on thousands of patients over the past decade. I now buy and take Cardio Miracle daily for my personal use. In my opinion it is the finest nitric oxide product ever formulated in the marketplace.”

We have been dubbed the gold standard of nitric oxide supplements.

We are so confident that our nitric oxide supplement is superior to any other on the market, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Our Customers LOVE the results they’ve documented through their before and after blood panels.

We are more than happy to return your order within 60 days for a 100% refund of your unopened canisters (once returned) or a 50% refund on opened Cardio Miracle canisters.

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  • Have heart disease or atherosclerosis
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have cancer
  • Have auto-immune conditions
  • Have EBV, Lyme and other viral diseases
  • Depressed, have Alzheimers or brain injuries

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We are the gold standard of nitric oxide supplements.

We're so confident that our nitric oxide supplement is superior to any other on the market, we offer a money back guarantee.

Our Customers LOVE the results they’ve documented through their before and after blood panels.

If you are not satisfied with your order, we will refund it within 60 days.
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