John Hewlett, Founder of Cardio Miracle

This morning as I have been reflecting and processing all the Coronavirus reports and information, I decided to reach out to our valued customers with a personal note.

I have been involved for a number of years with both the nutritional industry leaders, and also with a number of political think tanks and reporting. There are many differing viewpoints on the virus, its origins, its scope, and potential damage to individuals. I have also spent a number of hours researching the basis of the flu strain, and the impact of nitric oxide and vitamin D3 particularly on it.

Many ingredients in most supplements are sourced overseas, and therefore are impacted by delays and manufacturing issues. Rest assured that every ingredient in Cardio Miracle is tested for its purity and our high standards of quality assurance.

We have recently experienced a tremendous increase in sales volume due to the international publication of our cellular study of our exceptional nitric oxide delivery at the University of Ohio laboratory of Professor Tadeaz Malinski, the world authority of cellular testing of nitric oxide and vitamin D3. We also are being recommended by one of the most influential female physicians for women’s health, and I was featured on Supplements Revealed, a recently released docuseries with very strong personal endorsements of Cardio Miracle by the producer of the series, Jeff Hays, and the interviewer, renown doctor, Patrick Gentempo.

This wonderful international exposure has brought Cardio Miracle’s remarkable formula and benefit to the awareness of millions of potential customers.

We fortunately moved our manufacturing in October to a more reliable and capable source and upgraded to a high-volume shipping and fulfillment center. We no longer are disappointed by manufacturer with our formula adjustments and timeframes needed, or our past shipping facility. We are so grateful for these positive changes that have now been implemented so seamlessly. Our nationwide 6 day a week, customer support center is also very capable and experienced with English speaking, well trained US personnel though it is significantly more expensive than customer service centers overseas.

We try in every way to achieve efficiency, and economies in delivering the highest quality nitric oxide product possible, with ongoing improvements to our formula, at the highest value to our customers.

Last summer when our past manufacturer failed to meet deadlines, and our shipping facility was unable to catch up quickly when product finally was delivered, my emotions were distraught over the impact to our customers who depend on Cardio Miracle for their quality of life. It was a terribly frustrating time for months trying to meet customer demand, spending countless dollars on customer support with no clear options at hand. I determined that it would never happen again and am grateful for our VERY loyal customers.

With the uncertainty in our world economy, and now with the concern and even borderline hysteria over the C-virus, I wanted to recommend to all of our customers the time validated concept of preparing for uncertainty and changing times. I realize the financial limitations many, especially elderly consumers may have on fixed incomes to afford the supplementation that they desperately need. I genuinely believe that Cardio Miracle should be the cornerstone of both the prevention of chronic illness and managing symptoms of serious diseases and avoiding unnecessary surgeries, extensive tests, and toxic medications. Taking charge of one’s health and being an advocate for yourself is something I sincerely believe in and have done for myself.

I would encourage anyone who could afford it, to have a 60-90 day or longer supply of Cardio Miracle, on hand for emergencies, and manufacturing shortages that may occur from time to time, beyond any of our controls.

We are receiving a large shipment (with my new improved flavor profile and special new ingredient) this week, and I am doubling our next order to be delivered in the next 60 days to meet our increasing demand.

When our customers have a few canisters on hand, it saves stress, money, and customer service expense. It helps assist us in planning for the overwhelming success that people are discovering with our extraordinary formula. These additional sales allow us to get ahead of our growth curve and eliminate manufacturing delays that are projected on the uncertain future horizon, as suppliers catch up with business closures, employee quarantines, and supply chains attached to the C virus.

It is a prudent business practice for us to do so, and we will aggressively order as much as we can afford for the coming months to be prepared for the referrals and many professional health providers that are requesting to provide Cardio Miracle for their own patients through our practitioner program, and online awareness of Supplements Revealed, and future media publicity regarding our breakthrough published cellular study from last month.

We have also seen our Amazon sales at regular full pricing triple over the past month, after several months of growth to those on demand customers who get Prime shipping, but no other discounts.

It continues to be so gratifying to hear of the countless success stories of our customers, even new ones within the first week feeling the Cardio Miracle difference and other remarkable results with blood work and hygienist, and eye exams.

This has been a 12 year often lonely, discouraging , yet rewarding odyssey for me, so our recent exposure and exploding sales has left me extremely grateful and thankful for the recognition , referrals, and recommendations that are occurring at the highest levels of science, and nutrition.

We will offer a special discount for those who take advantage of this special chance to have an emergency supply. 

We would encourage all to stay on our highly discounted Subscribe and Save program so you can always have consistent, highest priority delivery, and its value for our forecasting and our ability to not increase prices. On S&S regular orders, you receive Cardio Rewards points and referral product earnings as our ongoing special reward to our subscription customers.

The special ONE time , “stock up and be prepared “ opportunity , will be effective through the end of March, as a thank you for being a customer, and most of all for you to acquire an emergency supply of Cardio Miracle that everyone should have in their pantry for emergencies or to share with loved ones as they see and hear of your health success experiences.

A Total Value Worth Over $439

Yours Today for Just $329.91
A savings of over $120

So hopefully March will end the Madness, but if not, we want our valued customers to be prepared.

We have faith in the future and take our responsibility very seriously in continually improving and providing the finest supplement in the nitric oxide and vitamin D3 world.

In Improved Health,
John Hewlett
Founder, Formulator
Cardio Miracle

Frequently asked questions
Q: Why haven’t I heard more about nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide was discovered less than 35 years ago, and its benefits were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nitric oxide is stimulated by arginine, other amino acids, green vegetables, and exotic fruits. The pharmaceutical industry has produced Viagra, and other synthetic nitric oxide stimulants. Over 150,000 clinical studies validate nitric oxides importance, and yet the medical community hasn’t connected the dots of how effective supplements can stimulate nitric oxide.

Q: What is the difference between nitric oxide boosters using arginine versus just beets?

The Nobel Prize research and over 95% of the nitric oxide research has been based on amino acids like arginine and citrulline to stimulate nitric oxide. Beets have a short nitric oxide life and uses a secondary pathway. Our premise is that extended arginine, effective citrulline, beet root powder, hawthorn berry, grape seed extract, and Astragin a nitric oxide extending ingredient is the most effective 24-hour delivery of nitric oxide. Arginine or beets alone, is not nearly as effective in delivering the healing aspects of nitric oxide.

Q: Does Cardio Miracle cost more than other online nitric oxide products?

At face value it does. Price versus cost is always an important qualification of value to the consumer. You often get what you pay for with products and services. Cardio Miracle uses the finest organic and natural ingredients when possible and has over 40 additional ingredients to support its proprietary dual pathway nitric oxide delivery. It also delivers antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and other ingredients to assist the body’s ability to heal itself. Cardio Miracle’s money back guarantee on results and even blood work is second to none. In addition, Cardio Miracle is the only nitric oxide product that has been clinically proven to create nitric oxide at the cellular level in the laboratory of Professor Tadeusz Malinski at the University of Ohio.

Q: How much should I take each day?

The recommended daily dose is one serving twice a day. For best results it should not be directly combined with protein. For people looking for faster results with specific health issues, or participating in strenuous activity, they can double up and take more servings as needed. Any excess delivery of nitric oxide or other ingredients will be safely eliminated by the body.

Q: Will Cardio Miracle help with my athletic performance and even my personal sexual health?

Cardio Miracle delivers additional blood flow, oxygen, and its numerous nutrients at the cellular level. It also supports the lymphatic contractions in the system for recovery more rapidly from strenuous activity.

Sexual intimacy drugs draw upon the body’s nitric oxide to produce sexual performance and then leave the body depleted of important nitric oxide. Cardio Miracle increases nitric oxide naturally, and replenishes, making it a healthier alternative than the arousal drugs and their side effects.

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